Windows 8 Review -The Truly Remarkable Operating System

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Windows 8 operating system is the latest offering from Microsoft that offers some of the most incredible features. This particular OS from Microsoft have undergone significant changes since the introduction of Windows 95. Read on to find out more about this truly enticing operating system from Microsoft.

Windows 8 was introduced on 26th of October 2012 and is available for laptops, personal computers and tablets. A look at the Windows 8 suggests that the Windows desktop has been moved to the side-lines to allow the new modern user interface to take over. This particular interface has been developed to be utilized with touchscreens, in addition to a keyboard and mouse, and needs programs that are specially written for it.

Downloading the Windows applications is very easy and can be done through the new Windows Store. Those who currently have Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows Vista installed on their PCs and laptops can upgrade to Windows 8, without the need to buy a new machine. However, there is a certain limit to the features that you can download.

With Windows 8 when you boot your PC it will directly lead you to the lock screen. Users can swipe upwards or press or click a key on their keyboard to get rid of it and take a look at the user accounts. Typically, the lock screen displays the date, time and could also show other details such as mail or weather, depending upon the app downloaded by the user.

The windows 8 Start screen also provides its user with the picture password option. However, once you enter the password, which Microsoft refers to as Modern User Interface, it would lead you to a new Start screen where you can locate things and fulfill all your tasks easily. The Start screen is aptly designed and reveals a lot of information when compared to the previous versions. Right from seeing the live weather report to current news, prices of shares and recent mails, you can find a variety of information with just a single click or tap.

With Windows 8, it is easy to arrange tiles on your Start screen as all you need to do is tap and drag the tile to a new place. It is also easy to enlarge or shrink tiles, which only makes it easy for you to locate the apps that you use regularly. Also, new tiles will get created on its own, every time you install an app.

Windows 8 also offers a plethora of keyboard shortcut options. For example, Windows key + Q can be used for searching. In order to search for files, you need to press Windows+F key, whereas to go to settings you can use the Windows+W key. While Windows+C allow you to open the charms bar, Windows+H can be used for sharing charm. Windows+Z key reveals the application bar and Windows+D key displays the Shows the traditional desktop.

All the gestures, which you could use in case of Windows 7 can be used for Windows 8 as well. Thus, you can flick and scroll vertically as well as horizontally to navigate web pages and documents. Once you get accustomed to scrolling and swiping, you will simply love Windows 8. Those who purchase a new laptop, tablet or personal computer won’t have to pay any extra amount for the operating system as its cost is very well incorporated in the price of the product. However, those planning to upgrade to Windows 8 will have to incur £25 for accessing the all new OS.

In a nutshell, Windows 8 is remarkably faster than Windows 7 and runs well on old machines too. It will shut down and start up quickly and will also allow its user to copy files and load web pages really fast. The OS offers enhanced security and is more power efficient than other operating systems of Microsoft. What makes Windows 8 truly amazing is that online information and services that users require on a daily basis can be accessed without opening the browser. Sending messages, finding out what other people are doing and checking news feeds is all in-built and very easy to perform with Windows 8.

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    The new interface is definitely attractive.. but it will take sometime for users to adapt that and used to it… Anyway i still like the windows 8

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  6. Hi, I just wanted to say that Windows 8.1 seems better again with many of the quirks of Windows 8 ironed out.

    However, I do find Microsoft’s x.1 notation confusing – is this another OS or the same OS?

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