Why Apple TV can prove to be big potential in 2013

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Source: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

Source: http://www.freedigitalphotos.net

Perhaps 2013 is the year for Apple to make a mark with Apple TV with a potentiality of high production in the coming years. With Apple the viewers are expected to get introduced to a revolutionized television which will change the way of organizing and accessing television content and the whole concept of television content itself. Apple is making a great contribution to the world of television industry by creating a Wonderful User Experience by incorporating a more convenient and intuitive user interface. But it certainly does not replace the satellite services like Dish Network; rather it is a huge addition providing an abundance of choices to the viewers. The Satellite TV Company Dish Network that has seen significant growth among its Latino packages such as Dish Mexico is most possibly going to enjoy the same growth rate in the coming years too.

For the Viewers
With Apple there can be a time when a user will have to simply command the television from his iPhone or iPad and the experience can be enhanced by integrating a television and a computer where the viewers can have the freedom to switch over from traditional content to Internet content, check emails between shows or watch shows in a separate box on screen. It is a Delightful User Experience, greater functionality and elegant features that are going to make the consumers happy withApple TV.
For the viewers of today the process of television watching is quite challenging with at least three remotes to turn it on, one for the television, one for the satellite/cable and one for the sound system. With hundreds of channels to choose, it takes quite a good amount of time to get the channel you want and the process is laborious. Apple TV is improving the viewers experience with the software to make searching simple, fast and intuitive.
User Friendly Interface
It is the user-friendly interface and elegant styling that is going to set Apple TV as a challenge disrupting the guard of content provision. In the world of satellite, cable and telephone industry where competition and customer dissatisfaction is fierce,Apple TV is expected to bring a better user experience and a meaningful competitive advantage. This does not mean that people will dump satellite services for iTunes as there will be several channels that cannot be purchased on iTunes.
This is why in the post Apple TV days too there will not be much upheaval in the world of cable or satellite service industry as people will more likely use Apple as an addition to the choices to enhance their experience. The Dish Network, the second largest provider of satellite TV in the USA that has seen significant growth amongst itsLatino packages such as Dish Mexico with free dish network deals, satellite TV guide, free satellite TV dishes, access to 8 high definition channels and a larger channel selection of channels can still hold its prime position in the coming years too.
To make an impact Apple TV does not need to uproot the television industry because the user interface provided by it would make many people opt for it while the others would find it a good addition in the current facilities that would make them have great choices. The television industry is a global business and the consumers are likely to replace their sets every eight years on an average and this can be a spur to the replacement cycle. Since each new production has added up significantly to the revenues and earnings of Apple, the new device may also add to it but it all depends whether Apple can prove its potential and satisfy the expectations or the viewers find satellites or cable services still a part of their lives as it is today.
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Rosette follows technology journals on a regular basis and here she is sharing her valuable knowledge with us. She believes that Satellite TV company Dish Network has seen significant growth amongst it’s Latino packages such as Dish Mexico.

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  1. Tom Usain says:

    Apple TV definitely has its perks and features that anyone could easily appreciate. But what really concerns most of the market is the disadvantages involved, and we are still yet to discover those as these get their place on the market.
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  2. Twitter:
    The one major contender to Apple TV is the now emerging Google TV.

  3. ya apple tv has proved that it has bigger potential in market.it is providing user interface for the customer and it is having some advance features.thank you for sharing this.

  4. shopperindia says:

    Hi, nice post.
    i agree with discount codes-online apple tv has proved that it has bigger potential in market.it is providing user interface for the customer and it is having some advance features.yeah so many people are using the types of t.v’s this is really good post

  5. joovila says:

    Great review for Why Apple TV can prove to be big potential in 2013.Really nice collection information.useful and informative posting and finally nice sharing

  6. akash says:

    nice post thanks for sharing information for why apple tv can prove to be big potential in 2013
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