Top Shopping Apps For The Holiday Season

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Top shopping apps for smartphones (apple/android/windows)

Imagine yourself resting in your bed or sitting on your chair with a cup of coffee and snacks by your side and shopping your favorite item at the same time. Not only that but to make it perfect, imagine, you get to save your money on a lot of things such as reducing money on gas, tourism expenditures, on the things that you purchase on a day-to-day basis.
Well, you can achieve all of that indeed by using some of the top shopping apps available for smartphones. Yes, you can shop all that you want, at your ease, from your place, by your smartphones. A wide number of apps are there, which will let you shop everything you want by your smartphones.
Some of the top shopping apps are:

  1. Groupon

Groupon is an exciting application offered on smartphones. Every week, there is an innovative and unique service featured on Groupon. Groupon is known for rendering discounts on fun things that you do every day such as buying theatre tickets for movies, going to restaurants, saunas and stores for special occasions. This app offers an option to select from a wide range of cities for dealing.


  • Price: free
  • Accessible for: Android, Windows phone, iPhone
  • Unique feature:  Just touch your smartphones’ screens and make transactions as you wish.
  • Great pick for: Customers who are looking to make deals on a daily basis.

  1. Red Laser

Red Laser is a widely used app today and it works via a barcode scanner that is inbuilt. The app speedily scans and finds native stores and places to get the finest costs on everything you have looked over. Customers can make their shopping lists and also find by vocal sound or by picture if they are unable to use barcode. Now, the app can be used to buy things from certain places.


  • Price: free
  • Accessible for: Android, iPhone, windows phone
  • Unique feature: It gives the best prices available for everything you look for and also features “Price Comparison” in which you can compare costs of the items among a great number of online venders.

  1. Google Shopper

Google shopper is a very user friendly app. It allows you to find your item at the least price available. You can use the smartphone camera or the barcode scanner to find your item and the app will look for it in near stores online.


  • Price: Free
  • Accessible for: Android, iPhone
  • Unique feature: you just have to say the name of your item and Google shopper will search it for you by “Search by voice” feature.
  • Great pick for: customers who like comparing the costs before buying.

  1. Yowza!!

This app is really exciting as it provides coupons for your searches. It notifies the users as soon as there are new coupons in their specified stores. The only restriction it has is that it works only in united states, so if you stay in U.S, then you can go for this exciting app, also it’ll get you good discounts on items.


  • Price: Free
  • Accessible for: Android, iPhone
  • Unique feature: the teller can easily scan the barcode from the smartphone right away, it’s conenient and there’s no need of paper.
  • Great pick for: United states citizens as of now and users who enjoy searching for diversified items.

  1. Black Friday Survival Guide

If you want to save your time creating a long shopping list for you, then you may help yourself by opting for black Friday survival guide. It gives you a very rapid way of going through ads and make shopping lists.


  • Price: Free
  • Accessible For: iPhone, Android, iPad
  • Unique feature: it’s easy to use anyways
  • Great pick for: Customers who can devote less time to create their shopping lists.

Whether it’s about one of these apps or all, you can surely have a great time using each one of them. You get to see, learn and know more about specific products. The moment you find your favorite item, you can easily match the prices. With shopping apps, shopping becomes easy and fun!!!

You may share your experiences of shopping with apps. Which ones do you use?



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    Hi praveen really nice review for shopping Apps.And great post.really i like this article nice sharing praveen

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  4. nice post,the shopping applications for holiday season are very well.thank you for providing this application.

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