Top 5 Deterrents for moving to Cloud Computing

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Top 5 Deterrents for moving to Cloud Computing

There may be a thousand and one benefits you can get from cloud computing. Among the well-known ones are savings in costs and resources and also accessibility. However, if the only deterrent which is security is too big enough to build up your hesitation, cloud computing would still not be considered as a good choice either for your personal or business use. In this article, we will tackle on the top 5 security issues with regard to cloud computing’s services.

1. Disparate Requirements of the Cloud

Just as all clouds in the sky do not have the same shapes, cloud services on the web vary. They typically base their service delivery on the customer’s requirements. In terms of security, you have to make sure that you get more control than your provider before deciding to purchase contracts or plan for cloud computing.

Your vendor may expose your information to malicious people without you knowing. This is because public clouds tend to have a nature of sharing resources with other customers. To averse this security risk, you can opt to have a private cloud built with firewalls instead of getting your data and files uploaded to the public cloud.

2. Firewall May Not Be Entirely Secured

Contrary to popular belief, installing firewalls is not tantamount to being secured. Public clouds are more prone to being less secured as they are free to welcoming threats and other vulnerabilities online. Asking your vendor for reports and the packets transacted regularly to and from your cloud means a lot. This is to track if there are resources being shared to other organizations. Also, this is to be more aware of risks and to have more visibility of the controls they have.

3. Compliance and Legal Responsibilities at Your End

Even when your most sensitive data and files are compromised in cloud computing, it is still your responsibility and not the service provider’s. Legal parties cannot guarantee that you can be saved in the fault. To stay safe, the best thing you can do to mitigate this risk is to encrypt all your data. Gather instructions on the right ways of encrypting and understand how to implement it before placing your “secured” data exposed on the cloud.

4. Hackers

Consider the fact that the World Wide Web is a marketplace full of hackers. They are always on the lookout finding ways to take advantage of information and data they can access. They may sell the data and keep them against you. So rethink security and redefine your interaction with cloud computing. Authenticate your data and authorize only your people for an increased reliability on a cloud setting.

5. Cloud Computing Apps are Not Secure

Files can remain in the cloud environment as static. When encrypted, hackers can have lesser chances of getting into them. But the use of applications in the cloud is another point of concern. This is because applications deployed in the cloud makes your data more exposed. There are user inputs and outputs encoded back to users. Hence service requests are being transacted in both ends.


Indeed, cloud computing is a promising concept in this Internet generation. It is used as well in growing industries. Before jumping on the bandwagon of this trend, consider safety and refine cloud computing security measures first. Choose your service provider well.

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  1. Leora says:

    Yes, cloud computing sounds good in theory, but for sensitive documents, I get nervous.
    Leora recently posted…Tech Notes on foundation.css and ReverieMy Profile

  2. Twitter:
    Security is most important issue with Cloud Computing services. But still many organization are dying to adopt this service as it do great for their business or professional needs. Nice points to consider before choosing a cloud computing service.
    Narendra Kumar recently posted…How to Make Video Call using Gtalk App on AndroidMy Profile

  3. Prakash says:

    We should take care of hackers while using cloud computing as the data is not safe. Thanks for sharing this.
    Prakash recently posted…Hike Messenger Download for Symbian, Android, PC, iPhone, BlackberryMy Profile

  4. Twitter:
    Nice post with detailed explanation…I personally use Dropbox as cloud storage because it is very user friendly and easy to use….it has drop down features which is very easy to manage and upload files from PC to Dropboc and vice versa….But i dont knw whether it is safe from hackers or not but if we compare to PC storage option it is far better….
    shailesh puri recently posted…4 Best Cloud Storage / Web-Based Storage Services with ComparisonMy Profile

  5. Dany says:

    Now the tech trend is cloud computing, every businesses wants to solve their problems through cloud computing services. The SaaS stands alone is one of the best example to make their cloud services effectively. SaaS has many advantages over the traditional software delivery model.

  6. Alexsmith says:

    Thanks for the post. You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on Cloud Computing.
    Alexsmith recently posted…Internap acquires Voxel to strengthens dedicated cloud hostingMy Profile

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