The Nokia Lumia 920: Beauty or Brains?

| January 26, 2013 | 10 Comments

nokia1So Nokia has a lot to do to catch up with cell phone giants this year, and as well as the year that hinges on our threshold. But it is making some headlines and is looking to start 2013 with a new year’s resolution worth paying attention to. The company released their flagship device, the Nokia Lumia 920 amongst a lot of talk of new and improved specs all while being a Windows 8 phone. Most of the users have been either very excited with it or have looked at it as another aesthetic, yet futile attempt at drawing users away from the iOS or Android bandwagon. But how futile is it when we realize that these OS users have a lot of problems such as malware, Android spy, and yes even iPhone spy to deal with?

That being said, just about everyone has to admit that the device has some pros and also has the potential to carve out a niche for itself in today’s market, even if it isn’t mainstream users. If you aren’t sure whether the phone has any real appeal for you, whether its just a beautiful sight or a super smart device, check out what it has to offer.

nokia display

1.       Design. Just about anyone will agree that Nokia has a knack for coming up with fun and appealing designs for the Lumia series. Just like the Lumia 900 or 800, this set is also made with a polycarbonate body and decked up with a glossy finish, available in eye catching hues of red and yellow. For those who feel the glossy finish and slippery handle is just too overwhelming, it comes in black matte finish as well. Some of the complaints that users have is that the device is heavy and not at all slim. Despite that the phone is still easy to handle and if you are looking for some flashiness then that ought not to bother you at all.

2.       Display. The screen comes in at 4.5 inches with a 1280×768 resolution. Of course, the crowning glory of the phone is the PureMotion HD+LCD that are powered with the help of ClearBlack technology. For you, what this translates into is there is no motion blurring while scrolling, sunlight visibility is great, and that you can use the touch screen even through gloves and whatnot.


3.       Camera. One of the first phones to incorporate optical image stabilization, the Nokia Lumia 920 sports a Carl Zeiss optical camera. The front camera is 8.7 megapixels whereas the front is  1.2 megapixels. Now despite the talk about this being the key feature of the device, other smartphone cameras have also managed to satisfy users. Will have to say depends on your experience though image stabilization is quite satisfactory.

4.       Software. Now the fact that the phone is running Windows Phone 8 OS is good and bad both either way you look at it. It is safer than Android and more difficult to use than iOS. Those who opt for the phone will get Nokia services such as Maps, Music, etc which other Windows Phone 8 sets such as the HTC don’t offer. And of course there is no contest when it comes to apps since windows 8 is still working on app development.

5.Hardware. The internal hardware is pretty good and if you care about the mechanics of your device, than the 1.5 gigahertz dual-core Snapdragon chip will be enough to keep you content. The phone comes with a 2000 mAh battery which is pretty run of the mill since the actual running of the device means a lot less battery time than you would expect—which is why it probably comes with wireless charging. Could be annoying and could be just your cup of tea—individual patience level and lifestyle will probably dictate if this is a good thing for you or not.

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    Hi Natalia David,the Nokia mobile looking And really nice features like camera and design very impressive.

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