Samsung Galaxy S3 – A Review

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I recently started having problems with my 8 month old HTC – Rezound and finally the phone’s internal memory crashed!!!! I had enough of it and called up Verizon to get a replacement and to my surprise, they even agreed to replace it with any phone of my choice :-) Can you believe that???? I immediately asked for a Galaxy S3 and disconnected the call before the sales person realized what she was promising. And voila….I ended up with a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3 with no new contracts and at zero cost.

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If you have been getting your eyes on the finest android smartphones for some time, then you surely must have skimmed your eyes though Samsung Galaxy S3. Great features plus great look makes this smartphone wanted by every user, but the doubt always remains in the minds of the consumers whether to really go for the device or not, so here it is, you will get to know everything about Samsung galaxy S3 here and you will be able to make a value judgment if you should really buy the device or not.


About Samsung galaxy S3

Samsung galaxy S3 has a wide variety of features that lure users from all over the place. Especially, the latest version offered now that is Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE has an added feature of 4G which makes it at the same level with other devices such as iphone5 which are 4G enabled.


Innovative Highlighted Features


  1. S Voice: Now, you can tell everything to your smartphone to do and even better, you will get back a response too. You can tell your smartphone to take a call or not, turn off the alarm, turn up the music and turn on the camera and take the picture. Yes, you certainly get to do everything verbally by S Voice in Samsung Galaxy S3.


  1. Social tag: if you want to link your friends, family and closed ones in their pictures to social media streams, then social tag lets you do all of that easily. After having done that, you just have to see the pic and it will show the present status of your friends and all.



  1. Direct Call: Your smartphone easily understands you now. If you are texting someone and choose to call him/her instead, you just have to move the phone close to your ear and direct call will make a call to the person. You don’t have to do any groping through the contacts now; let Samsung Galaxy S3 put all the effort.



  1. Smart Stay: The phone spontaneously knows when you want to read something just by looking into your eyes intensely. It enhances the display to make your viewing process enjoyable.



  1. Smart alert: The smartphone is also very considerate, the moment you pick up your phone after some time, and it gives you a momentary push to show all the missed calls and new texts.



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  1. S Beam: To make your sharing process smooth and enjoyable, S Beam lets you just touch your smartphones from the back with your friend’s smartphone and sharing is done.



  1. All share Play: you can also share your files, documents, music, anything by All Share play by using DLNA and WIFI Thru. It provides you remote access, when you’re working on other screen.



  1. Buddy Photo Share: make your sharing process even easier and smoother. The phone identifies your faces and contacts using your set profiles for help keeping you just a touch away sharing with everybody.




  1. Design: However, Samsung galaxy S3 is large in size making it sometimes debatable, whether it’s a phone or a tab with phone’s functionality, yet it is apparently a delight to hold and see. It claims humble grace marked by expected design. However, some users have said that it’s not as comfortable to hold in hands because of its size but still, it’s got easy clasp, moderate bends, and platinum look.



  1. Pop up Play: It lets you watch HD film in alternative window, while you can text or email someone at once. You can drag the window anywhere on screen easily and chat with your loved ones. Do it all now.



  1. 4.8” HD Super AMOLED: now, you’re just one step to seeing the reality on your smartphone. It gives you 4.8 inches of HD show and bright seeing experience, giving real shades and ultrafast reaction. It is energy proficient and incredibly thin.


  1. Best Photo: The device knows your finest look; it automatically makes a compilation of your 8 shots and chooses the best for you.



Basic specifications:

OS: Android 4.0

Chipset: Dual Quad core processor

Camera: 8 MP Resolution (rear), 1.9 MP, Cmos resolution (front)

Build: 137x71x9 mm, 133 g


  • Capacity: 2011 mAh
  • Talk time: 1350 min (2G), 700 min (3G)
  • Standby time: 830 hr (2G), 770 hr (3G)

Bluetooth: 4.0 LE



Price: nearly 200$ for 16 GB model, 300$ for 32GB model



In my opinion, this is great android smartphone with a superb screen and super-fast processor. It’s definitely one the finest smartphones available and the new LTE version gives you fast service of 4G, which makes it an eventual smartphone.

But of course, there are other phones which serves the basic needs of making & receiving calls, sending & receiving text messages etc…for all those who are satisfied with with these features, maybe you should head-over to Hajra’s latest article here – I Dont Need You

Those who get their adrenaline pumping with the thought of owning the latest out there with the best features, do share your thoughts about your tech-gadget by leaving a comment below.

Wanna compare it to the Apple iPhone??? Watch the video below:


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  1. Hajra says:

    Thanks so much for the mention! :) You finally dragged me here! Is this your new website?

    I liked the galaxy s3 so so much but I didn’t get it somehow (my latest post being the reason maybe?) but then my aunt got it and she doesn’t like it so much. Says when her son dropped it, the repair was too expensive. Even my friend got the phone and she finds it awesome. But somehow my mind has changed. Maybe someone has to gift me one to convince me! ;)

    And yes, your phone company is so so cool, they offered a replacement. My phone company will just throw the phone in my face… maybe! ;)

    • praveen says:

      Hajra – Gotcha!!!!! Yes, this is my latest experiment at tech-blogging. How do you like it so far? I have had lots of guest contributors for this and hence i am able to survive managing and keeping it updated on a regular basis :-)

      Yes, samsung galaxy is known to be very delicate and the cost of repair can be high. That didnt affect my decision though :-)

      And yes, i got lucky with my wireless provider for this one off case i think. Most of those companies are very rigid with their policies and wouldnt go out of their way to please a single subscriber.
      praveen recently posted…Why Apple TV can prove to be big potential in 2013My Profile

  2. Carolyn says:

    Hi Praveen, Wow, what a great story about Verizon. You should send them this article! That’s so cool that you got the SIII for free.

    You’re right, it has so many cool, cutting edge features. It’s as if the phone reads your mind to make life easier for you.

    What’s your favorite new feature that the phone has?
    Carolyn recently posted…Best Apps for Successful Students!My Profile

    • praveen says:

      Carolyn – I am glad you liked my review of the S3. Yes, verizon has been good to me in replacing this device, hope they take notice of this article somehow :-)

      It surely is a wonderful “smart” phone, i am loving each and every feature of it. Lately i have been addicted to the ‘Double Tap’ feature which i havent listed above.

      When i am browsing through my mails or even when i am going through my contacts and have scrolled down the list, there is a ‘Go To Top’ feature in this phone. I just have to tap 2 times on the top of the device (where we have the audio port), and it scrolls all the way up. It is really useful and i dont have to scroll back up using multiple movement of my fingers. THis is just awesome.

      I also like the S-beam which i am using it often with another friend who has an S3, also the camera features are just great. There are several new features available, and the burst mode is smarter than the other phones where it picks out the best out of the 20 pics it takes in a second.

      I think I can write another article for the features tht I missed up there :-)

      Have a wonderful weekend.
      praveen recently posted…Get Magento Expert AnswersMy Profile

  3. Nicholas says:

    Samsung is simply awesome and they’re always my favorite smartphone brand. My love for Samsung last longer than my love to my last girlfriend :) I’m a happy Samsung user!
    Nicholas recently posted…Are Smartphones Slowly Ending The Era Of Compact Cameras?My Profile

  4. priyanka says:

    Here about Samsung Galaxy S3 is really helpful information and infect this is nice phone. whom else want to buy Samsung Galaxy S3 for that is informative information here.nice post

  5. Kurt says:

    Tomorrow will be the day for Galaxy S4… I am patiently waiting for it and postponing my phone upgrade until S4 is release tomorrow. :)
    Kurt recently posted…Dealing With Code 37 ErrorMy Profile

  6. Twitter:
    Nice Review, Thanks for sharing.
    Gurwinder Singh Bhinder recently posted…Top 5 Copyscape Alternatives to Check Duplicate ContentMy Profile

  7. Andrew says:

    Hi praveen, It’s a great review.The Samsung galaxy s3 have nice features.And definitely i can choose the mobile.Here regarding Samsung Galaxy S3 is actually helpful information.Thanks for the post.

  8. nice revie on Samsung galaxy s3.this is better mobile in market with extraordinary features.thank you for sharing this post.

  9. John A Vu says:

    wow, i think samsung is just willing to touch the summit. tab 10.1 is really the best product of Samsung but, Apple will not run it fast. this is a non stoppable race between these two contenders.
    John A Vu recently posted…The HP Chromebook Review That MattersMy Profile

  10. Harshit Jain says:

    Samsung galaxy S3 phone is really excellent, Flow, performance, touch are mind blowing..
    Totally awesome headset for me..

  11. Dilipwk says:

    You’re right, it has so many cool, cutting edge features. It’s as if the phone reads your mind to make life easier for you
    Dilipwk recently posted…The 21st Century Classified : OLXMy Profile

  12. Roshan says:

    Hi …
    Liked S3 very much, But now my love is more for S5. But realy your blog is very good, and content you write is also eazy to get on.
    Roshan recently posted…7 successful variants of Samsung S5My Profile

  13. Ajay says:

    love this smartphone even after S4
    Ajay recently posted…Top 5 Budget Smartphones Less than Rs. 10,000My Profile

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