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Are you a big Television lover? Do you love to keep yourself updated on your favorite programs every week every day? Do you find yourself immersed in the giant sphere of television very often? If your answer to all the above questions is “yes”, then you are just one step away to find your entertainment, at your place, at your time, at your convenience. Just say HI to “Nimble TV”.


If you are one of those who can’t afford to miss their favorite TV program any day, any time, then you may just turn out to be the lucky one because Nimble TV has come to your rescue. Nimble TV is a service offered by a budding New York organization for paid subscribers of cable TV.  The plan of nimble TV is promoted by names such as Greycroft Partners, Tribeca Venture Partners and the Tribune Company and the basic amenities are provided to the paid subscribers of cable TV who can watch TV from anywhere.

What Nimble TV does is that it lets you watch television from any part of the world, from any place that you are at, with infinite recording. Your content will be streamed to you wherever you are.  Nimble TV promises to deliver TV by offering a virtual TV stage. If you purchase a cable service or you already have cable services subscribed to you than once you opt for Nimble TV, you will be able to stream all the channels along with the live content from your subscribed cable TV to any PC, smartphones or tabs.


The service also lets the users to record nearly ten thousand shows which they can watch later. Nimble TV service is free from any hardware or software installation so users don’t need to worry about that.  Also, the normal jerks and delays that are faced during the recording of shows otherwise are not faced in Nimble TV. Thus, it is not just any other service to use but it is a service that gives you a whole package of options with it.


If you want to watch television from your country even if you do not live there now, then Nimble TV is for you. If you like to watch your home team play, even when you are not home, then also, Nimble TV is for you. You do wish that you could get your television in the cloud so that you can watch it from any place on any device, then have a delight with Nimble TV. Nimble TV has quite certainly made getting a television package quite painless.


Being the consumers, we want TV everywhere, we want the suppleness, the access, so that the content follows us and reaches us. But one thing that peeves us is the price. The Nimble TV service charges tentatively an additional 20$ in our monthly cable bills. After considering the great services and benefits Nimble TV is giving, it seems that it’s worth its price. But the point to be considered here is that we as consumers try to lower our bills in every way we can, that’s why in recent times, a lot of other alternatives have also been used by consumers that have provided suppleness.

Right now, the cable payments need more value associated with them to be able to accept the high additional costs, so the cost point is, in fact, a crucial step to decide to opt for the service. If there are a good number of cable operators to partner with Nimble TV, then there will be a lot more chances for Nimble TV to  form value to the users. Till then, it’s a great service for those who can afford to pay an additional amount up to 20$ with their monthly cable bills because of its great flexibility, long content, recording and streaming.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Nimble TV sounds fantastic. I’m a big TV fan and would be very interested in this service. I will have to check this out, the convenience certainly seems worth the price. Thanks for letting me know about Nimble TV!
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  2. shopperindia says:

    HI Atish Great review for NimbleTV – A New Television Experience. really say the information very useful and informative.really nice share and cool post

  3. joovila says:

    Hi, Atish this is very informative and useful posting. and i Really don’t know the information,Nimble TV is a service offered by a budding New York organization for paid subscribers of cable TV. thanks for share

  4. hi atish,this is nice post.the nimbletv providing new television experience in the market.thank you for sharing this post.

  5. Shalin says:

    This is a good service. I use free services to follow TV series. It is good to have a guide rather than following everything that goes on the cable. But it is for paid subscribers only right?
    Shalin recently posted…Org Chart OnlineMy Profile

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