Microsoft Surface Tablet PC: The Best Tablet Yet

| December 14, 2012 | 7 Comments

Microsoft surface tablet is one of the best tablets available in the market today. Its attractive design and handsome look combined with excellent performance makes it one of the most liked tablets in the world by people.

Despite all its good features, the sales of this tablet are not up to the mark. Even though it is the best selling device in the world with windows 8 or RT, its sales have not reached the expected levels. The main reason for this is believed to be its limited availability.

Now, coming back to the Microsoft surface RT, the performance of this tablet is outstanding and there are no complaints about it. Even though this product was launched just six months ago, it has won the hearts of many people in this short time by its handsome look and bright performance. The surface of this tablet comes in two different versions. One is Windows RT and another one is Windows 8 Pro. There are provisions for installing new applications via Windows Store. But only Windows 8 Pro model allows to install traditional third party desktop programs.

The casing of this tablet is a molded Magnesium casing. The PVD finish gives an attractive look to it. USB port and micro HDMI slot are also available with the tablet. The front and rear facing 720p HD front and rear-facing cameras make the tablet more useful. The kickstand of the system allows it to stand at an angle which allows hands free viewing. The screen of the device is a 10.6 inches screen, with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The system uses a Clear Type HD display technology and it has an ultra wide viewing angle and auto adjusting screen intensity.

The tablet uses a 31.5W-h battery and 24W power supply. A huge storage space of 32GB is available in this tablet. 2 GB RAM is available with this system. 5-point multi touch screen, ambient light sensor, accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and dual microphones are the input specifications of this tablet.

The tablet has a dimension of 10.81 inch width, 6.77 inch height and o.37 inch thickness and it weighs about 680 grams. This tablet has two types of keyboard covers for the system. The first one is a Touch Cover and the other one is a Type Cover. They are connected to the Surface through a magnetic strip.

The screen of the tablet has high resolution and its wide visual angle ensures high quality pictures on its surface from a wide angle of view. The photos taken with the camera are of very good quality and 1366×768 pixel display of the system ensures high resolution pictures. Bluetooth wireless connectivity allows the tablet to be connected with a wide variety of other types of devices like other tablets, laptops, mobile phones etc. this also ensures a very high speed data transfer between different devices. Videos, music, songs, photos and other data can be transferred from the tablet to other devices and vice versa.

One of the most important features of any phone, Ipad, tablet or any other type of device in the world today is its touch screen. Multi–touch screen is the most important feature of the Microsoft Surface tablet. The sensitivity of the touch screen surface refers to its ability and speed to get the input signals and the speed of processing the input signals. The speed of multi touch screen of the Surface is highly sensitive and it ensures a very high speed performance of the tablet.

Are you one of the proud owners of the MS Surface tablet? If so, how do you rate it against all others in the market? What are some of the most important features of the Surface that made you opt for it over the others? Do share your thoughts with the readers here which will surely help those who are planning to buy one in the near future. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Microsoft are entering the tablet market. However, I have bought the
    surface rt and notice that it is lack of many useful featrues. Now I
    have return it and buy an iPad.
    I will get the Surface Pro. Hope it is waht I am needing.
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  2. Ahish says:

    Hi Atish – This is a very nice article on MS-RT. What is your opinion about the MS-PRO. I have been going over the reviews for PRO and the one thing that is driving me away from buying the device is the cost at which it is being introduced into the market. I have come across a huge number of windows devices which would serve the purpose at a very low cost. Do you think MS-PRO will survive the competition and sustain its initial hype, with so many other devices flying around?

  3. microsoft surface tablet pc is one of the best tablets in the is having some great features and better applications.

  4. Andrew says:

    Hi really it is nice post you can share more valuable information yes i agree with discount codes online he was says correct. Microsoft surface tablet PC is one of the best tablets in the world.

  5. joovila says:

    Hi Atish Ranjan, first of all thanks to share a useful information.Microsoft are entering the tablet market.Its great news and nice share

  6. I actually like the shades of color that come with these tablets. And by the looks of it, this is something I can actually use. Great to see so many techie things nowadays. Thanks for the info.

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