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As modern day life is empowered by technology, there is an equal or slightly greater chance of us going through risks at various stages. Technology has offered us umpteen facilities by which the manual labor we put in different activities is drastically reduced. At the same time it carries its own disadvantages as well. Security in the virtual world is a major threat for almost everyone who spends a considerable amount of time on the internet. Nothing can be predicted and the world is becoming increasingly uncertain at an alarming pace.


Right from our childhood we were aware that there are many possible dangers around us. Our elders warned us against fire, water flow and other possible anomalies. We encounter some or other danger in life off and on. We need to always be on our guard against all possible mishaps. Consider, for example, the potential risks involved in using a mobile phone. Use of a mobile phone charger wall holder is extremely important for our safety and convenience. Talking on a cellular handset while driving slows driver reaction time to around that of a person with a blood alcohol level of 0.08. Drivers talking on a mobile phone are four times more likely to be involved in a crash. Texting and driving is shown to reduce reaction times to well below that of someone over the legal limit for blood alcohol.

Modern smart phones that connect to Wi-Fi or 3G connections are often hotter than the phones of the earlier days. In some cases these phones and even traditional cell phones can overheat and cause burns or fire. In extreme cases cell phone batteries explode. If your cell phone is too hot to touch it may have a problem. Get it rectified at the earliest. Cell phone costs have dropped and people use cell phones to talk for a longer period of time. The radio transmitters of cell phones are said to cause cancer and tumors. Therefore, the best way to use a cell phone is to use a hands free system or a head set. Bluetooth wireless headsets also have a radio that emits similar radio frequency energy as a phone, but the headset emits about 1 per cent of the energy of a cellular phone radio and it is much safer.

Use of the internet also has its own risks. One has to maintain the confidentiality of the passwords. There are many more hackers today than there were ever before. Users need to make sure that nobody else knows their passwords and has access to their personal accounts.  All the personal details must be maintained as confidential things. Users have to all the time check and cross check that they have logged out of their accounts properly, especially when they browse in public cyber cafe. There are grave dangers associated with hacking and as far as possible the users need to maintain their security. In order to save oneself from the potential dangers involved in the use of technology do not disclose your password to anyone. Keep your settings in such a way that none of our personal details is accessible to anyone.

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  1. vino says:

    Hi Praveen,

    Completely agree with your insight of the article.Inspite of having many advantages in technology we also have disadvantages equally.One must be very careful about it
    vino recently posted…Instant Approval CPM Adnetworks without any Traffic requirementsMy Profile

  2. munna says:

    Hi Misty Ward!
    You wrote such an informative post. We know that in this world of technology there is many things we need to consider. Like smartphones emit electromagnetic radiation which is very harmful for our brain. If you have BTS in up of your building you are under danger of brain tumor or brain cancer. So we must all be careful.

    WELL you can’t think web free of all tech geeky hackers. So be careful with your credentials. A strong password is not really a solution I guess.
    munna recently posted…Comment on How to make money on Fiverr by munnaMy Profile

  3. Technology are only useful when you’re careful… If you use it carelessly then it may lead to danger for you.. Thanks for moral article…
    Abhishek Abh-i recently posted…How to connect your Android smartphone as modem or Wi-fi hotspot on your PC for internetMy Profile

  4. matts says:

    Hello praveen
    Great post and I completely agree with you. Like vino said everything has it’s ups and downs. But what I hate about the internet is the spammy emails every one receives. Anyway I am sure that this article will surely insist people to use technology more carefully. Great job friend on this article

  5. Great post right here. There are many more hackers today than there were ever before as you mentioned in the article but people don’t care about these things too much nowadays, but it’s really important to protect our data that is easily accessible if we don’t make the necessary steps.
    Ashley Williamson recently posted…How to Tap A Cell PhoneMy Profile

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