How to sync all your Apple devices to iTunes

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How to sync all your Apple devices to iTunes

We all love convenient stuff, things which are easily manageable, easily operational. Similarly, have you ever thought of creating a vast library of music in your newly bought Apple iPhone or iPod. You love watching music videos, you are an entertainment freak, and you can’t help yourself dancing to the music of a rock song whenever you hear one. But, when it comes to have a whole lot of entertainment in our iPhones and iPods, you need to save efforts and time both.

Because we can certainly achieve that by syncing our Apple devices to iTunes and have everything ready on our devices for us.

Here you will learn how to sync your devices to iTunes step by step:

  1. Create a link between your device and your computer: Connect your iPhone with the computer by the built-in USB chord. The chord serves as a link between the two and provides a convenient access to the ITunes options.     

  1. Be ready with ITunes installed in your system: Open ITunes that you’ve installed in your system to start the transferring of the freshly updated collections. The downloading of the files starts automatically in iTunes once your computer system detects the presence of your device (iPhone). If ITunes is not opening up on its own then contact your nearest Apple store about the problem.

  1. Go to the iTunes menu: Go to the ITunes menu and click on the “Source” option which will establish your device (iPhone or iPod) as the absolute endpoint for the music transfers.  Your Apple device can also be set as a main source by the “Advanced” option in the iTunes menu if you don’t want any other device of yours to use iTunes.  


  1. Update the music library in your device: Go to the “Auto Sync” tool in iTunes and select it. It will automatically update the music library in you IPhone or IPod every time you connect it to the computer. You can also go to the “Summary” section in iTunes at the top and there you can find the “Auto Sync” tool and make it your default sync preference.

  1. Correct the Technical glitches: In the “Summary” section of iTunes, you will find the “Restore” section which you can use if there are technical glitches during the syncing procedure of your device to iTunes. After you click the “Restore” option, your previous i.e. default settings will be restored for both iTunes and your device. Do make use of this option if in case you have generated any incompatible commands or installed a corrupted folder.    

  1. Use your device space efficiently: In order to utilize the memory space available on your device properly, you can make separate lists on your system. There can be separate playlists of the songs by your most favorite artists or an entire collection of your much loved songs of all time. Create as you like. Also, you can keep on looking for the replicated music on the music library of your device, if there are identical songs in the music library, and then you can remove them to keep the library fresh and save the memory space.



  1. Wait for the synchronization process to get finished: Do not detach your device or the connection with the computer system until and unless the process of synchronization gets completed fully. There will be a notification in the iTunes library regarding the completion of the transfer of music as soon the process gets finished and it will save you from losing your data in progress.  


All the above steps are easy and convenient to follow to sync your devices successfully to iTunes. Nonetheless, you can certainly leave your query if any by a comment and it’ll be taken care of right away. Please keep in mind to sync your devices regularly as you get to know about the memory status and technical problems if any.


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  1. Ravi says:

    Nice article. Can we transfer songs from apple products without iTunes?
    I really need such software
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  2. Twitter:
    Hi Praveen,

    Coming over from WonderofTech. Nice post, I have had quite a bit of issues with my iphone and syncing. Like going to another computer, or using one that has not synced yet, then issues with overriding back ups. I think it’s easiest to just use one main computer, and back up / sync regularly. Feel free to visit my site and leave a message if you like…
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  3. Great article, gonna try it today!

  4. nice post,the process of sync on apple device to itunes nicely explained in step by step process.thank you for sharing this information.

  5. shopperindia says:

    nice post you can easily sync your apple devices to itunes.thank for sharing this valuable information.

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