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Everyone agrees that a picture is worth a thousand words!!!! What I can write in a full blog article, I can always convey the same message with a couple of pics, do you agree? It is easy for the reader to understand what I am trying to say in less time and more effectively.

Now imagine, how about making that picture animated? How cool will that be and how much more you can try and convey in a single image? When I came across this tool called ‘GifRecorder‘, I was immediately fascinated and started using the beta version. It is just amazing how easy they have made it to record your screen and save the screencast as an animated GIF!!!

Of course the tool is free for you to download and use it, but as a part of the promotion, they put a watermark on your GIF which says ‘Created using Gifrecorder.exe’. However, you can buy the full license of the tool for $29.95 and that takes care of the watermark for you.


  • By using the best available algorithm the recordings get near photo quality.
  • Only storing the differences during recording results in a maximally compressed gif with small file size – means to say that you can pause during a recording and re-start to avoid unnecessary casting. This will result in a smaller GIF file.
  • Area presets simplify setting the correct recording area – When you open up the tool, you will see a rectangular area which you can drag and resize as needed. This will allow you to pick the part of your screen to cast.
  • You can pause a recording to skip actions which are to be left out of the screencast.
  • Time lapse recording can be set allowing a longer time period to be represented by a small screencast resulting in smaller file size.
  • Use the Gif Recorder to convert a screencast (Flash, AVI, Mpeg,…) to the Gif format

How to Record using GifRecorder:

  • Start the tool from your Program Files – Gif Recorder – Gif Screen Recorder. This will open up a large red rectangle with a transparent background and some buttons at the top.


  • Drag and resize the rectangle to the area on the screen that you want to record.
  • You can set the Frames Per Second and the photo quality using the dropdown at the top right corner.
  • Start the Recording using the Green Play button.
  • Perform the actions that you wish to record on your screen. Pause when taking a break to suspend the recording.
  • Stop the recording using the Red stop button.
  • Save the recording and open in your browser.

Over To You:

I would love to hear if you are already using this tool or any such amazing tools. Do leave your comment and share with all my readers. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Singh says:


    Informative post! It was really fun trying the above method to create animated gif, I love playing with images.

    thanks for the tutorial.
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  2. Carolyn says:

    Hi Praveen, I’m a big fan of Gif’s though I’ve never made one. This software looks pretty easy to use. Have you made any Gif’s using this software that you would like to share with us? I also like to edit photos so this should be fun!
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  3. Frithjof says:

    I’m always looking for alternatives for videos. Looks like this will finally enable me to use .gif !
    Thanks so much!
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  4. lyrics says:

    Exactly. I’m searching for instructions on how to sequence graphic images into an animated GIF and thought from your title that I’d found paydirt. Not
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