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Google+ has emerged out to be one of the largest social networking websites that people follow today and connect to each other on. With over four hundred followers and nearly a quarter percent of the active customers, Google+ provides some great features and services especially the highlighted “Hangouts” or “Hangouts on air”.

Here we will learn how to host a Google+ hangout.

1. Build your event first: The first thing to do is to open your Google+ account and see the navigation on the left as shown below. 

You will see an option “Events”. Click on the option and you will see another screen as:

Now in the screen as shown above, you will notice an option at the bottom “plan your next hangout”, click on the option and enter all the particulars that come after that. In the subsequent steps, you’ll be asked to upload your picture which you can do easily from your computer or also you can select the default image.

The remaining process is also simple. You just have to enter the details of your event so that everyone can grasp what it’s going to offer. After you have built your event, just click on “invite” and the event will become live. Just notice that you’ve set the visibility of the event as “Public” so that everybody in your circle can see it.

 2. Begin the hangout: Beginning the hangout is not much of a task to do actually. Just follow the steps carefully and you’ll be ready with your hangout. When you return the Google+ homepage, you’ll notice on the right hand side at the top corner, there is an option saying “Start a hangout”.

After clicking that option, a screen will pop up like this one:

In the hangout edge, you will see many icons in the right hand side at the top.

Prestarting the hangout, just ascertain that all the settings are alright or not or you may want to set them right by selecting the “Gear” option. The moment you’re satisfied with the settings, just click on “Save Settings”.

Just make sure that you invite some specific people to your hangouts on air and not a whole lot of people at once because it will be completely futile.

 3. Give a great title: Giving a nice and attractive title is really crucial if you want to garner attention from people.  After inviting people and doing other settings, you will get to see a screen like this one:

 After clicking “okay, got it” and then “Hang out”, You’re Hangout is ready but it’s still not live.

But before starting the hangout, just take into account a few points. Firstly, people in Hangout on air itself can only see conversation. In case , you want to see the comments too then you can view them in the live video.

If possible then ask any of your friends to moderate as this will help readily in improving the conversation and hangout on air on the whole.

Inviting people to your hangouts is really interesting because only the person who began the hangout on air can call others in it. Therefore, you don’t have to be concerned about members inviting those who can devastate the chat.

You can also change the video related options by “cameraman” feature. If you don’t want a person’s video to be on a live torrent, then you may simply take the cursor to  the thumbnail and click on video and it’ll be done.

 4.  Make it live: To make your hangout live, you have to select “start broadcast”

After the countdown to 10, it’ll get published on Google+ and then streaming to youtube will begin.

5. Terminating the hangout: To end the hangout, you should click on the “Red icon” on the same place where start broadcast was and it’ll be over. You’ll be able to see the video on youtube like a normal video and for the people on Google+, they’ll see the recording.

Google+ hangouts on air have been in the limelight lately because of the interesting service it gives. People can operate a live affair; they can film a live crowd conversation and also record it straight away to their YouTube account.  Also, hangouts on air provide a great medium to reach a wider audience through videos. So, what are you waiting for, just go for it guys.

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