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Do you use a lot of images in your blog posts? How do you upload them to your website? Do you have any storage constraints with your existing hosting plan? Do you work with panoramic images?

With the most recent smartphones, almost anyone can take a panoramic photo. If you have never used this feature, I think you should give it a try, it allows you to capture 360 degrees of your current location in one single image!!! Isnt that just amazing.

Of course, when you do have such images and want to share in your blog posts, it takes up a lot of space and also the page will load pretty slow due to the content. So how do we overcome this?

What is is a service that allows you to view and share your high-resolution images. All you need to do is give the URL/link to your image and it will convert your image into a Deep Zoom format. This formatting of your image allows a smooth feel and experience when you zoom in and out of the image no matter how big in size it may be.

Once the conversion is done, it gives you a URL to share with your friends and also the embed code. Let us now see how we can use this in our blog posts and also the features it provides to our images.


During my recent visit to India, I took some awesome panoramic images, and I would like to use one of them in my example below. Let us see how easy it is to use this tool and share an image a blog.

  • Select your high resolution image from your camera or smartphone.
  • Upload this image to either flickr or dropbox or any other cloud storage of your choice. For my single image example, I just uploaded it to my website server itself (which you can actually avoid)
  • Once done, get the URL to your image.
  • Provide the URL in this page – Zoom
  • will work with your image and give back the shortened URL along with the Embed code.
  • Use the Embed code in your blog post to display the image as below

You can actually adjust the height of the image in the code as per your need. Now you see that the panoramic image is actually inserted in my post of much lesser width, but at the same time, it maintained the quality of the image.

It allows you to click anywhere on the image to zoom in and as they rightly said, it is “butter smooth experience”.



If you see the small tool bar at the bottom right, you see four icons like above. The first two are obviously for zoom in and zoom out. The third home icon is like restore to default size. The fourth icon is to toggle full screen where you can actually see the original size of the image, which I thought was pretty neat to have.

Over to You

Overall, I thought this was a nice to have tool if you are working a lot with images and want to add some more options to your readers. I personally will start using this for most of my high resolution images to make it clean and smooth user experience. Do you think you have any specific need for this service? Share your thoughts with my my readers by leaving a comment.

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Praveen Rajarao is a Software Tech Lead and in his spare time blogs on his website – and His topics range from blogging to technology to affiliate programs and making money online and how-to guides.

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  1. Carolyn says:

    Hi Praveen, Very cool! I like how you demonstrated using a beautiful panoramic image. Being able to manipulate the photo is very cool for me! I used all of the buttons too.

    Another bonus of using this service is that your image is pinnable. I just pinned it to Pinterest.

    Thanks so much for sharing this great tool with us, Praveen!
    Carolyn recently posted…APPO: Get Help Organizing Your Photos!My Profile

  2. Sohail says:


    Yes i do use images in my blog posts but basically i’ll upload them using the default wordpress option. I haven’t tried, looks pretty. I will surely try it.

    Sohail recently posted…Top 5 RSS Feed Readers for AndroidMy Profile

    • praveen says:

      Sohail – Welcome to TechIVY, and am glad you read my article.

      Yes, even I use images on my posts, and if they are small sized ones, it is still OK to upload them to your server. When you want to share high-resolution images like panoramas, then will be very helpful.

      I will be writing shortly about an alternative to this, keep checking back, hope to see you soon.
      praveen recently posted…2 Cool Tricks with your BrowserMy Profile

  3. Susan Neal says:

    Hi Praveen – great share! I’d never heard of this tool, but might give it a try. I tend to use mainly Flickr images on my site and use the embed code, to avoid uploading the images onto my server.

    Many thanks for letting us know about this.
    Susan Neal recently posted…A Blog Commenting Problem – Can You Help?My Profile

    • praveen says:

      Sue – Glad to see you back here.

      Yea, flickr images work fine too. But with this tool, I think what we get is the smooth transition upon zoom and also the auto adjustment to our blog size irrespective of the size of the image. I found that they are quite useful and we can give a better quality experience to our readers.

      Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful week.
      praveen recently posted…2 Cool Tricks with your BrowserMy Profile

  4. Mayura says:

    Hi Praveen,

    This is really cool mate ;) Mind you, I’ve read your “Google Maps Viewer” post and it directed me here. I find is very easy to use compared to GMV too. reminds me of bloggers using Lightbox plugins Praveen :) Even lightboxes poorly handles the images with higher resolutions, but does scale it to the screen. But here I can see we can even zoom the image easily and no need to waste extra space at all.

    However, the image is still visible even the service is on hold Praveen? I mean, when the service goes down for maintenance or so, still readers can view the image? However I find the image is loading more quicker too :) Not sure if it’s image or your blog though.

    It’s really nice to have you back after your visit to Motherland mate ;)

    You have a wonderful week!

    Mayura recently posted…How to Set Up Trusted Contacts to Recover Your Facebook AccountMy Profile

    • praveen says:

      Hi Mayura – Glad to see you here, and nice to know you go redirected from my other recent post.

      I doubt if the image will still be available if the zoom service is down though, since the url we use for embedding is what is hosted on their servers. So, I am not sure how it will work now…hmmm, interesting thought.

      Yes, i do agree that the load is fast and we do not have to worry about physical storage for these :-)

      Nice to be back dude. Have a wonderful day.
      praveen recently posted…How to Embed using Google Maps ViewerMy Profile

  5. munna says:

    Nice post . I thought this is an Android app but later found this is and online API.
    munna recently posted…Difference Between DoFollow and NoFollow Backlinks in Search Engine OptimizationMy Profile

  6. Rahul Sharma says:

    Looks like this blog is package of awesome tips and tricks.
    Thanks for sharing this useful post.
    Rahul Sharma recently posted…WIFI HOTSPOT SOFTWAREMy Profile

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