How To Copy-Paste on your Android

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This is the 4th article in my “How To Android” series, and I would love to hear your comments on all the other tips & tricks that I have written about the Android OS. Do check them out and let me know what you think can be improved or added upon.

Most of you might already be pros in operating your super-easy Android smartphones, and yet I am writing about the basic feature of copying and pasting on your android. Do keep in mind that there is always someone who is just switched over to an Android or purchased their first Android device, and this article is to help and guide such new users of Android.

So for all you pros out there, I would really love to hear from you of any specific topic that you would want me to write about in my next article in the series.


The copy and paste feature in Android is one of the well kept hidden functionality in the Android devices. Yet, it is the most powerful feature out there, and am sure once you get used to it, you can find a million uses of the same.

The very first step is to select the text that you would like to “Copy“. Suppose you are on a browser, and you would like to copy a piece of an article and send it to your friend, how would you do that?

All you need to do is, just press and hold your finger anywhere on the text, until you see the text highlighted in blue with two small tabs at both ends. (See screen image below).

You can actually hold any of the tabs and drag it around until you have the entire text you need to be copied, highlighted in blue.


Once the text is highlighted, you will need to use one of the four icons available up top, which is better seen in the screenshot below:

The first one from the left is for “Select All”, and as you have probably guessed once you press this button, it ignores your highlighted text, and selects the entire text in your browser or your current window.


The second icon is the “Copy” button and you will press that icon if you want to copy only the selected text.

The third one is for “Share“, and it opens up all the various apps that you have for sharing with friends and public. If you opt to share by messaging for example, the highlighted text will be copied over to your message body and all you need to do is select anyone from your contacts list to share with.

The last one to the extreme right is the google search button, tapping which you can actually “Google” the selected text!!! I find this feature amazing, when I have to look up for a meaning or maybe even find an address on the Google Map. It comes in very handy, believe me.

So, assuming that you have selected the ‘Copy’ button, now it is time to see how to “paste” the copied text onto another app on your device. All that you need to do is go to the app(maybe your messaging, whatsapp, memo etc) and press and hold your finger where you would like to paste. You will then see the option pop up with two options.

The first one is the ‘Paste‘ what you have already copied previously and the second one says ‘Clipboard” which is another interesting little feature that you have.


Once you tap on the Clipboard option, your keypad at the bottom disappears and the Clipboard menu pops up. Here you can scroll down and see all the text/images that you have ever copied on your device. You can pick and choose the one you want to paste as your need goes. You can also see there is a “clear” button to clear all the copied stuff on your clipboard.


Over To You:

Have you had a chance to read the “How To Shazam on Android” article? What did you think about that? Do you have any other painful areas working and using on your Android device? Do share it with me, and I can promise you that I will try to find an easy way out for you.

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  1. Jijin Mohan says:

    Praveen its great that you come with New Android articles every time. This is so easy. Thanks for sharing this small tutorial.
    Jijin Mohan recently posted…Micromax Canvas Turbo A250 ReviewMy Profile

  2. Arbaz K says:

    Okay this is a nice post for people who are just starting out with Android.
    Short, simple and to the point. Great thought of starting a complete series on how to Android.
    Great man. Cheers :)
    Arbaz K recently posted…Selling Old DVDs to Make Some Space in Your HouseMy Profile

  3. Carolyn says:

    Hi Praveen, How great to have you back in the blogosphere! This article is very helpful with an important tool for users of Android devices. I will be sharing this one!
    Carolyn recently posted…3-in-1 Universal USB Charging Cable: Your Solution for Multiple Connector IssuesMy Profile

  4. Pramod says:

    Hi brother !
    I know many people who have a Android phone and don’t know how to copy and paste texts in their Android phones . This tutorial is a great reference for them . I’ve dropped an email to some people with a link to this post . Thanks for sharing the information.


  5. Marge says:

    Welcome back Praveen, I missed you! I have stumbled across what I’m sure is a simple fix, but need your guidance. If someone has e-mailed me a website or article via e-mail and I click on it to view, it comes up very dim and I can barely read it. So what’s up?

    • praveen says:

      Marge – Nice to see you back here, and am glad you have a suggestions as usual. Let us try to see if some setting changes will do the trick here. Can you try one or both of the below and see if that helps in any way:
      1. Settings – Display – Auto Adjust screen tone
      2. Settings – Power Saving mode – Background color

      Try and let me know. Thanks for stopping by.
      praveen recently posted…Cometdocs Desktop App – A ReviewMy Profile

      • Marge says:

        Well neither seem to help unless I’m not understanding something. The Display setting were on Auto Brightness, with the brightness level at the highest. So I unchecked the Auto and as a result had to lower the brightness level. It brightens everything else up, but still dims when I click on website lets say that was attached to an e-mail. #2 the background color is checked, are you telling me is Should be checked or Should NOT be checked. Also I notice the Screen power saving is not checked. Also the Haptic feedback is checked. not sure what that even is. What typically needs to be checked on all these settings?

        • praveen says:

          Marge – I just gave it a try, when I click on a website link from my gmail on my Samsung S3, it opens up perfect. Do you see the same dimness when you open it from the browser directly? Which browser do you use? Try Google Chrome if you have not yet installed it.

          All the properties in the PowerSaving mode is checked ON in my phone. The only dimness I see is when I open up the Microsoft Exchange emails, which corrects itself when I uncheck the auto-brightness mode.

          Let me know your thoughts and feedback on this issue.
          praveen recently posted…Cometdocs Desktop App – A ReviewMy Profile

          • Marge says:

            I installed chrome yesterday. I just now was going to check on the dimness and something happened…I can’t get on anything this afternoon, this morning it was fine, and now when I try to get on e-mail or facebook or even a game it keeps Loading…..The regular updates that are done automatically are not able to update either. What happened? (yes I have wifi connection) I must have done something without knowing, I think this happened to me once before!
            Ahhh help!

  6. Marge says:

    Oh Praveen I can keep you going.
    Dropbox was recommended to me for my pics. So they are there. and…what does that mean exactly!! is the purpose to have them somewhere else in case you get a new phone you can transfer all your videos and data to the new phone with no issues. If that’s the case how would I do that because I do not remember issuing myself a password. Oh so many passwords so little time lol. And I never did put any of them in a specific album. not sure how or where. I see that when I want to add a photo to a text lets say I get the “complete action using” Cymera Gallery, Dropbox, Gallery, Reactions (which I downloaded for kicks) now I seem to have two more I never asked for….one that says Photo’s with a kind of pinwheel picture and another that reads Samsung Link…were they maybe a part of an update?
    One more question and I will leave you alone for the day!
    I had downloaded “smiley central” I have some free ones saved to favorites, but every time I go to my photo gallery I see a ton of these smiley centrals that I didn’t even save, I delete them and they come back, in My personal photo gallery?!
    Do I have to delete the app to get rid of them permanently?
    Oh you’ll be busy. good luck my friend!

  7. Marge says:

    Praveen I got it going again. I shut down my phone and it seems to be okay now. BUT this has happened before….what causes this….malfunction so to speak.
    And Yes, Chrome seems to have solved the Dim problem, Thank You!

  8. Technokrats says:

    Very informative post! This will certainly educate Android phone users as many users are still not aware of such functionality in the Android. Thanks for the info.
    Technokrats recently posted…technoKrats-quality focused Web Programming and Designing companyMy Profile

  9. Marge says:

    Good Morning. Have had some issues with an App I’ve had for some time, Smiley Central. The app itself is okay for attaching cute pics to a text, but for some reason I keep getting many many smiley pics within my Cymera photo gallery. Why are in they in my gallery? I have deleted them time and time and time again and they keep popping up, they are not even the ones I use! I even “thought” I deleted the app itself to stop this from happening. What else can I do? If it were one or two I could live with it. But I keep deleting as many as 30 at a time!
    Thanks, Marge

  10. Lisa says:

    Thank you Praveen, it has taken me some time to figure this one out. I could do short ones but not the lengthy ones. This post is a keeper my friend.
    I’m been having issues with Buffer on my Droid, not putting in the @ for the users twitter handle, have you experienced that as well?
    Lisa recently posted…What If Yours Became The Most Popular Blog Site?My Profile

  11. Maria says:

    Last night when i was accessing certain forum on my Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8. I had to copy one link and paste in the browser. It kept on trying to copy a simple link for 30 min but couldn’t copy. This tutorial helped to use the copy and paste function quite well. Thanks a lot
    Maria recently posted…What should I do with Whatsapp messages? I lost my mobileMy Profile

  12. munna says:

    Nice post . It will be very helpful for new android users like me . Enjoyed your post. thanks
    munna recently posted…Difference Between DoFollow and NoFollow Backlinks in Search Engine OptimizationMy Profile

  13. Jaikee says:

    Copy paste has been made easy on Android. Still there are so many apps on Play store. There are lots of silly developer who want to create app for everything.

  14. garry says:

    It compulsory tip for every user because while using fb,opera mini, and many other apps you will surely need it thanks admin
    garry recently posted…How to Record Android screen in Any Android phoneMy Profile

  15. Dilipwk says:

    Actually its not a big one but many android users are unaware of it and most of them are not using it. It would be more useful for them.
    Dilipwk recently posted…Top 10 Smartphones In IndiaMy Profile

  16. vino says:

    Actually I haven’t did copy pasting in my android phone.This post made everything clear now and this will be very helpful to me.Thanks for sharing this
    vino recently posted…11 Top Killer SEO Tips For Blogspot BlogsMy Profile

  17. Sunny Joshi says:

    I for one have always had a hard time copying large sentences on Android, your tips are truly appreciated. Thanks.
    Sunny Joshi recently posted…EE’s Kestrel smartphone with LTE support now available at the cheap price of £99My Profile

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