How Does Social Media Keep its Revenue Coming

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Social Media

Social media is one of the most used forms of communication and entertainment today. Social media includes forms of media such as television, movies, music, internet, internet application, and social networking websites such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and LinkedIn. Almost every person uses at least one kind of social media – Television and internet being the most common them. People watch different kinds of movies and dramas on television. People use different websites on the internet to entertain themselves. They also watch movies online, play games and use websites like Facebook and Twitter. There might be a possibility that people might not have thought that how do social networking websites keep their revenue coming. There are different strategies that they do in order to so.


Marketing Strategies of Social Media

There are a number of different strategies that different forms of social media use in order to keep their finances running. These marketing strategies differ depending on the kind of social media. For example websites and television shows have totally different kinds of marketing strategies. Here are some common strategies used by the social media:


One of the main sources for the social media is to do advertisements. Television channels do advertisements. They accept advertisements from different companies and show them on their channel. This is a good source of money for them. Other forms of social media such as websites do advertisements as well. If we observe, normal websites have adverts on their side bars which says ads by Google. These adverts are actually paid adverts and the creator of the website receives money for every time the adverts get a click. Other than these websites social networking websites also allow advertisements having the same policy just like the other websites.

Pages on Websites

Both twitter and Facebook allows its users to create pages on the website. These pages can be about anything such as fan pages and marketing pages about products, shops, or branded merchandise. Information and pictures both can be posted on the pages. Customers or fans can like the page (on Facebook) and subscribe to the tweets of the creator (on Twitter) and receive updated. Users can also post on the wall, and tweet regarding the page. There are a number of people who are running small business on Facebook such as selling merchandise online through Facebook pages.

Role in Stock Market

Apart from adverts and other marketing strategies, social media such as internet websites and television channels also have shares in stock market all around the world. Stocks are one of the best way to increase the financially ability of the website. Almost every website that you can visit on the internet and almost every channel that you can watch on your television has share in stock market all around the world.


The use of social media is increasing day by day. Social media are of very beneficial use to human being. People should try to work out more with this form of media and promote it.


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