Essential Tips and Tricks to Help You Get the Best Out of Pinterest

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What is considered to be the fastest growing website even since Internet made its way in our lives, Pinterest is an image-driven social media platform that promises great many benefits for digital marketers looking to leverage its features. You can use Pinterest to drive heavy traffic towards your website, and if used correctly, it might just become your biggest source of traffic.

While Facebook and Twitter have brought a sort of revolution in the way marketers promoted their services and brands on the web, Pinterest has quietly entered the fray and added a whole new dimension to the exercise of digital marketing. And if you are one of those looking to get the best out of Pinterest, there are a number of tips to pay some heed to:

Make Sure the Anchor Test Stands Out Before You Pin an Image

To begin with, there has to be a piece of text to the image you are posting on Pinterest. Only then the search engines will be able to identify what the picture is all about. And you do not have to worry about writing a vocabulary rich description either – since it only has to describe the image. it also helps you when someone is looking for an image on Pinterest by typing in a query in the search bar.

Build Your Network

That holds true everywhere, and Pinterest is no different. You have to grow your network on Pinterest as much as you can if you wish people to see your posts. There has to be a circle which can further share your posts and make them reach more people. And you can use your accounts on Facebook and Twitter to look for friends or network on Pinterest.

Look for the Relevant Boards that You Can Follow

It all boils down to the Pinboards at the end of the day. Pinboards are the most indispensable parts of Pinterest, and thus it becomes important to follow them. The pinboards consist of several images and URLs that can be of great value to you to know about your competitor websites and the industry at large.

You Should Know How to Search Better

Searching in pinboard goes beyond typing in something the search box and hitting enter. There are ways by which you can streamline your research or make it more focused. The default search looks for pins around the keywords you are searching. You can customize the setting to “just my pins” which will display the posts you have pinned. Apart from this, you can also choose the “Boards” when you wish to check the pinboards around your query.

You Can Also ‘Send’ Pins

Pinning a post is not all you can do. But you can also send some pins to people outside Pinterest. ‘Outside’ Pinterest refers sending pins to your Facebook friends and deliver them in the inbox of your friends or followers. Sending messages is also an option you must try out.

There are ‘Trends” on Pinterest as Well

If you think the ‘trends’ only belong to Twitter, you are off the mark. On Pinterest, there are many topics that are popular for a particular time window and it might bring in some results if you leverage those time windows and post something that is in sync with those trends. You just might see your stock going up since there would be many who would stumble upon your pin and share it further.

Manage Notifications Better

While some complain that they don’t like it when their email keeps on showing new notifications from Pinterest when they have least interest in what their connections are posting, it is also important to keep an eye what others are posting. And it might just remind you that even you are there on Pinterest and it is time you start leveraging it. That said, you can easily turn off the notifications feature by going into the setting box of Pinterest and setting the notifications off.

Pinterest is emerging as quite a rich cousin to platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. As it gets more and more popular by the day, we might see digital marketers adopting this platform with a greater level of urgency.

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  1. Twitter:
    Great post, Mike :)

    Pinterest is one of the sites I am focusing, this post is definitely helpful. My main problem is managing time well. I would plan to be active everyday. Some days, I am able to do it, but on others, I end up forgetting about it.

    Hopefully, I will be able to fix it soon…I have Spring break right now, so lots of time to plan and figure everything out.

    Anyways, thank you for the wonderful tips! Appreciate it :)

  2. munna says:

    I did not try this method. I used to use pinterest for a long time. But I could not get success from pinterest. This post will help me to use pinterest very effectively.
    munna recently posted…How to schedule Google Plus posts offlineMy Profile

  3. Abdurrazaq says:

    I’ve been a long time do not open my pinterest account. I am less able to optimize my pinterest account becomes more optimal.Thanks for great tips , Mike.

  4. vino says:


    I am a Pinterest lover and using Pinterest for my business.Agree with everything what you have said to gain more followers on pinterest.The idea what you have said about “Sending Pins” and “trends” I really didn’t know this before.Thanks for sharing
    vino recently posted…Effective tips to attract more followers on twitterMy Profile

  5. Jeff says:

    Pinterest has been a double edged sword. I enjoy using it on one hand but find it not as useful for marketing purposes. Maybe should take a second look
    Jeff recently posted…Best Selling Chromebooks April 2014My Profile

  6. Dilipwk says:

    Nice tips to get best out of pinterest. i use pinterest but i haven’t used it effectively as you mention. Good tips, Useful article.
    Dilipwk recently posted…Top 10 Smartphones In IndiaMy Profile

  7. Jayashree says:

    I agree with you that if we promote our content in right way in Pinterest this can be source of huge traffic for our blogs.
    Jayashree recently posted…How to do wifi speed test to check your wifi performanceMy Profile

  8. Ciprica says:

    You also can make backlinks from it :D
    Ciprica recently posted…Skeleton FlightMy Profile

  9. You have provided great tactics to get most out of Pinterest. As we all know it is best website for picture sharing but you have shown great ways to use it for traffic promotion. Thanks for your Amazing post……
    Abhishek Abh-i recently posted…Download and Play Fruit Ninja on PC/Windows/MacMy Profile

  10. Rabin says:

    Hy Praveen, nice article. Piterest actually a great service but the main problem is to manage this in a proper way. Thanks for this detailed article regarding Pintrest.
    Rabin recently posted…Why Facebook Consider a Webste as Spam? And Its Solution!!My Profile

  11. Sola simeon says:

    Seems I have to go get a pinterest account right now. Thanks for the post

  12. Akshay says:

    That was a quite informative article. But now a days i feel like pinterest can drive mass traffic only if we use it carefully. Thanks
    Akshay recently posted…Miui V5 Rom for Samsung Galaxy CoreMy Profile

  13. pininti says:

    Hi Mike,
    I have been using Pinterest since many days.
    The Tips and Tricks for effective using of pinterest are cool.
    You did a great job and they are just awesome.

  14. David says:

    Hello Praven,
    The Pinterest is one of the powerful way to share information with the people. I really enjoyed the work you have shared in this posting. Thanks for the share.

  15. Jaki says:

    Yeah i definitely agree with Praveen. Pinterest is an awesome platform that all we can use it for increasing our blog traffic. Imgur is also a nice one. I prefer using both the platforms.
    Jaki recently posted…Download Humdard HD Video Song – Ek Villain (2014)My Profile

  16. sumon says:

    Really nice information. Thanks for the article.
    sumon recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

  17. Sekhar says:

    Nice info, pinterest can be a great traffic source if used properly. One of my blog get 10% of its traffic from pinterest.
    Sekhar recently posted…Top 10 Best Android Adventure GamesMy Profile

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